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2017 The class objective was for to learn (at least) one thing from the session and the following are responses from some of the participants.

That is the importance of basic character in yourself and in the people that you choose to have relationships with. Habib Jinadu - From our weekly sessions, I have learnt the following;

1) That Iā€™m going to start TFSA and a trading account hopefully by next week

2) All the career options I wish I knew before going into university. I'll teach all my loved ones that they have options before they go into university

3) How to not communicate. Especially with the little drama (role play) we did. I used that on a kid yesterday and it worked like a charm. Thank you soo much for the lessons!!!

Jessica Ola


Good day, the classes we had as a group has benefited me because I had no idea about them before. Money management was a huge part because I didn't know about the interest rate and the way a credit card works properly. Also, what is needed and important about relationships. Thank you for infusing words of wisdom in us for our future.

Oluwanifemi Ajayi


Before I say one thing I've learned, I would like to thank you for the time you took, to teach us the things you did. I greatly appreciate it. The one thing I learned and found most value in was the information on Credit Cards. Before the session, I didn't know exactly how they worked but after I understood that you can get a credit card, but you should be able to pay the money before the interest rate period hits so you do not get into debt. I also appreciated all the life lessons, laughs and the discussions you shared with us. Thank you šŸ™‚ -

Ayeesha Mbanugo


One thing that I've learned in this sessions that we had this summer is the importance of saving money and investing. The cool thing about investing is that you can put an amount of money in the bank and get money on top of that just for putting it in the bank. I also learned that it's important that before I spend money, I should take 10% out to save and work my spending in the 90% of my earnings.

Chidera Uzoka


I learned better ways to communicate effectively and I learned more about money management. Thank you for your time and have a great day! -Aisha Ayorinde - I've learned to not limit myself to one career path. How there are so many things I can become that can combine all of my skills and interests. So, I should not just chase a job that provides a lot of money, but instead follow my passion



What I've gained during these classes are the knowledge of how to spend my money and use it more wisely and how to take my money I have now and grow it into more money for the future.

Daniel Onwuka